POTENT ft. Blu & Chill A Chill (prod. Ayun Bassa)

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Nottz feat. Blu - I’m From VA (Prod. by Ron Dutchie)


royal and gold polyester jacket out of teamsters
leaning w my bch up on my arm like im gangsta
if i die tell god im tryna meet eazy
and tell dad it aint no way to thank him
been living these days out back when i was seven
rocking jordans and jordache aint tryna see no reverend
stacy adams on, whit crackers and wine
im on my after church soda, 25 cent shit, loose ya mind
sending lyrics out to my brothers doin time
hope his spirit feel my lyrics when i rhyme
sunshine city skyline, 110 to the 5 
101 when I’m spun, & the 5 when I’m high
i used to sleep inside my ride by the big banks downtown
and dream about getting a surround sound
i heard the ngz on the block got the pounds and pounds
and all the wheels on the truck go round and round
world trade raps w me, bucking ‘em down
ngz acting like my city never put it down
never be a town that can clown like we did
snoop killed new york they acting like we did
pac got shot and they acting like we dead
lil kim locked and they say lil cease snitched
please told cousin we blood and he crips
we whips weather and women, westside in this bitch
and i reside
in la”

Produced by Ohtoro
Vocals by Blu
Additional vocals by Montclaire
Recorded at Beet Market Honolulu 2014

from the beat album “When The Right Time”

Astronote - Rhymes On Paper (Vivid) ft. Blu (Video)

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